About us...

Association's story

Previously named "Amicale des Travailleurs et Commerçants Marocains" (Moroccans workers and traders association), our association has been created in 1982 by cousins of a same immigrant family living in Athis-Mons. Their 2 main goals were, on the one hand, teaching and learning Arabic language to their children (transmitting by the way a cultural heritage) and, on the other hand, providing to Athis-Mons' Muslims a place where they can pray and meet together for Islamic events.

In 1983, The association moved the name "Amicale" into "Association Marocaine des trois communes Athis-Mons, Paray-Vieille Poste et Juvisy- sur Orge" (Moroccan Association of the 3 cities of Athis-Mons, Paray-Vieille Poste and Juvisy-sur Orge) - Community of municipalities which became later Community of Portes de l'Essonne Municipalities.

This too long named was simplified in 1995 with "Association Marocaine des 3 communes d'Athis, Paray, Juvisy" which became in 2016 "Association Marocaine d'Athis-Mons".

Today, members of the board have renewed. Only 2 founding members remains among the 9 of the association. the new members who are first French,  have modified on July 2019, the new name "allusion to the Fig Tree" association Le Figuier et l'Olivier.

Our organization is working for Athis-Mons' Muslims since 40 years

2019 - Project for a building on the RN7 road - Purchase offer accepted by the seller but as suspensive clause in case if the the mayor rejects the project were refused by the seller, the project was avoid

2017 - Negotiations with the Mayor (LR) to extend our place. Negative response of the Mayor who does not understand our need.

2016 - Negociations with the mayor (LR) for a 3.000sqm of piece of land (located in the Clos Nollet) to build a mosque. the project is avoid.

2014 - 550.000€ purchase offer for the CPAM building located 1 bis rue Paul Vaillant Couturier. The mayor (PS) didn't accept to sell it to us.

Since 2012 - managing the 10 rue Marx Dormoy space for muslim's activities

1995 - managing the 83 avenue François Mitterrand space near "la Croix Rouge Française" : prayer space and learning Quran .... As the surface became small it was not possible to set Arabic training.

1984 - managing a space rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, near the 3F area : prayer spaces and training rooms for Quran and arabic learning.

1982 - managing a space at "l'espace Michelet (3F area) in Athis-Mons".

Athis-Mons' muslims

Athis-Mons inhabitants

Athis-Mons has nearly the same population since 1970... nearly 30.000 inhabitants. Today, the population is 33.000 (Source INSEE : 32.792 in 2015).

In terms of repartition, there is 51% of women and 49% of men (source INSEE 2015). There is a balance between women and men.

the inhabitants analysis per age indicates :

  •  21,3% of children less than 15 years old,
  • 19,1% of young people (15 / 30 years old)

  • 22,6% of 30-44 years old, and,

  • 37% more than 45 (source INSEE 2015).

The PEW RESEARCH CENTER has estimated in 2017 that  5,7 millions of Muslims are living in France  (8,8 % of the population).

Today, the national average is 10% but it is irregular between cities. Indeed, the rate is different between cities like Grigny (91), Corbeil-Essonnes (91), Sarcelles(93)...etc. where the immigration rate is more representative and cities like Marne-La Coquette(78) where the muslim rate is not representative. The muslim rate in Athis-Mons is between 15 and 20%.  There is between 5000 and 6500 of muslims in the city.

Except children, if we take into account 50% of 15-44 years old, and  70% of the 45 and more, we have to consider that 58% are practising their religion (that mean : "who can go to the mosque").

Lastly, if we consider that 80 % of them go to the Friday preach, then the number of Athis-Mons muslims is 1300 / 1400.

Spaces of prayer within the city

At Tin Mosque (The Fig Tree) is very small. In 2017, we asked to the mayor to give us more place. They answered us by a negative response.

At Taqwa Mosque is more bigger but cannot accept all the city Muslims. Its location in a residential area is a problem because the mosque cannot be extended and cannot be arranged with parking. 

2016 : a mosque project avoided ...

in 2016 there were negotiations with the mayor of the city to build a new mosque on a 3.000 sqm of land in Clos Nollet. This piece of land was enough for a mosque with 2 prayers rooms of  1.000 sqm (for men and women) for classrooms, ... etc.. the land cost was 550.000€ and the construction 2,5 millions €.

Our organization (At Tin mosque) was motivated by this project but the other organization  (At Taqwa mosque) didn't want to leave the residential area. This project has been avoided.