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The next municipality election will be held on 15th and 20th of march 2020. Carry out your civic duty by going to vote !

The association's day will take place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September . Our association participate each year by selling couscous, mint tea, cookies ... The benefits are given to the Mosque. if you want to help us by cooking (or other) do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form. Thank you for you generosity....

Eïd Adha


The Eïd El Adha day will be on 20th of july. The prayer will be celebrated in Carpentier Gymnasium.

Travels companies contact us. You will find some flyers at the Mosque.

Eïd El Fitr


Eïd El Fitr will be on 4th of june. The Eïd El Fitr prayer will be celebrated at Carpentier gymnasium.

Ramadan 2019


The association inform you that Ramadan starts on 6 mai 2019...